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Imported item 11

Juan cheering!
Team Mama's Sauce.
Traitor.. Sheryl (from Real Thread) is married to Joey (from Mama's Sauce) and this is "their" dog. She clearly picked the wrong team, but came to the "right" side once she was there.
Brendan nailing it!
Jordan is our hockey champ!
Our smallest player ;) This is Cam, Nikki's son! She handles all the green here at Real Thread.
Watching the game.
Best outfit award goes to the new member of the Real Thread team, Ryan! #sweatbandsrule

We just got photos back from the first ever Real Thread vs Mama’s Sauce kickball game! Here are some of our favorites. It was a lively day full of Big League Chew, sweat bands and team camaraderie! Oh, and if we haven’t mentioned it enough.. WE WON!