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Custom Screen Printing: The Best Shirts
Tips & Tricks
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Custom Screen Printing: The Best Shirts

Learn about how to strategically screen print custom t-shirts using the perfect shirt!

1. The Inks Matter Most:

When you are custom screen printing shirts, it is necessary that you begin with the right ink. Plastisol inks are the industry standard and provide for cheap shirts.

Water based inks are the secret of custom screen printing world. Water based inks make for super soft, ultra breathable shirts. These shirts are retail quality and incredibly long lasting. To learn more about water based inks, read here.

man holding pile of blue shirts

2. The Shirts are Just as Important:

Choosing a soft shirt is vital to making a shirt that people are going to love to where. You can see our selection of thousands of incredibly soft shirts here.


3. Build with Great Resources:

We don’t leave you hanging as you enter the world of custom screen printing. For the best custom screen printing resources, visit our resources page.

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4. Print with the Experts:

Your shirt is only as good as your printer. In any custom screen printing scenario, refer to the experts. Real Thread’s team is one of the only exclusive water based ink printers of its kind. To see shirts we’ve printed look here.