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Design a Shirt: 3 Videos
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Design a Shirt: 3 Videos

LEARN ABOUT: What makes a great shirt graphic.

GOOD FOR QUESTIONS LIKE: Where do I even begin understanding good shirt design? What are the basics of good shirt design? How many colors should I use on my shirt? What makes a good design? How can I make a good design?

LEARN ABOUT: Editing Art Work for Screen Printing

GOOD FOR QUESTIONS LIKE: How do I edit art work? What type of files are best for shirt designs? How do I prepare a file to get the cleanest print? What is the difference between raster and vector art?

LEARN ABOUT: Making Low Quality Designs High Quality

GOOD FOR QUESTIONS LIKE: How do I make a low quality file high quality? How do I do image tracing? How do I do free hand tracing?