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how to keep your brand out of hibernation
T-Shirt Trends
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how to keep your brand out of hibernation

So what can you do to keep your brand out of hibernation? Let’s take a look!

SUMMER – As a brand, this is the time to let your creative imagination soar. People are open to wearing anything that will get the attention of others since the weather is good. Your options are at an all time high when the season calls for fashion over function. From t-shirts with contrasting colored pockets to pattern button-ups and tank tops, summer is the time to drive revenue sky high and get your name out there.

FALL – This is that limbo period between busy season and slow season. Fall exists as a giant metaphorical juggling act where you have to offer a little bit of summer and a little bit of winter. Some people are still open to wearing t-shirts while others start to bundle up with a long-sleeve, henley, or hoodie. It’s important to make sure you offer something that can cater to any demographic around the country in order to keep business flowing.

WINTER – In the world of screen-printing and apparel sales, this is easily the slowest season of the year. Why? Because a majority of the U.S. is buried under a blanket of snow or cold temperatures. Sales often times are slower since people don’t want to buy hoodies multiple times throughout the season due to their increased cost in comparison to t-shirts and tanks. So what does that mean for you as a brand? You’ll need to be creative with your branding, marketing, and what you print on those limited seasonal pieces.

SPRING – Much like the fall, you’ll need to become the main attraction in a slight juggling act. Some of your customers may be coming out of winter wonderland while others are already toasting mai tais on the beach. It’s important to offer a line of products that still caters to people in varying locations. Function still trumps fashion this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a creative appeal that still sells your goods.

Besides keeping seasons and your customer’s location in mind, don’t forget to shop for a printer that is best suited for your needs. Some may offer monthly specials based on what time of the year it is. Others might not offer any discounts, but they never have screen fees, setup fees, or film fees. It’s important to find exactly who the best fit is for assisting you in the production process of making your brand a reality and success.

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