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How to Save Money on your Next T-Shirt Order
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How to Save Money on your Next T-Shirt Order

stack of folded colorful shirts

2. Print a design that’s 1 or 2 colors. The more colors you print, the higher your cost will be. Each color is printed on a different screen requiring additional time and work to setup the order. Keeping your design to a 1 color, in comparison to a 3 color, could save you easily $2.50 per shirt.

white shirt with red graphic hanging in closet

3. Use negative space to achieve an additional color. This is a great way around #2 (see above). Add a “color” to your design using the shirt color without driving the cost up.

purple shirt on ground

4. Use price breaks to your advantage. Sometimes just by adding a handful of shirts can jump you to the next price break saving you almost a dollar per shirt! If you’re at 90 shirts, consider adding 10 more to reach the next bracket and save big!


5. Find a shirt with tear away tags. If you want to print custom tags, more than likely you’ll want to remove the manufacture tag. Save up to $2.00/per shirt, for sewn-in tag removal, by choosing a product with tearaway tags. We do not charge to remove tearaway tags!

man inspecting tag printed shirts

7. Choose a free Pantone color. We offer 70+ standard ink colors which are available at no extra charge in both our water based and discharge inks!

man holding ink mixing supplies

8. Send in artwork that’s ready for print. Make sure you outline your text, submit an unflattened vector file (ai or eps) or a photoshop file (psd) that has been prepared in layers, scaled for print and saved at 300dpi. If we have to go in and make these changes, an art fee could apply.

hand flipping pages of sketch book

Now that you know how to save big money on your next t-shirt order, start creating something awesome. Get started here!