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soft custom shirts
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soft custom shirts

If you want soft shirts, water-based ink is the softest ink out there.
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1. The Ink: Water based ink is the softest ink out there. It’s the only ink we print with and provides for a soft, breathable custom shirt. Plastisol ink, which is the industry standard, creates thick prints that rest on top of a shirt. Water based inks dye the shirt directly, making for a print that is as soft as the shirt.

2. The Shirt Blank: The shirt blank you choose is vitally important. We’ve gathered hundreds of the softest shirts available for you to easily review. The different brands all provide certain fits. Review the different shirts yourself and give us a call. We’re glad to guide you to the best fit for your audience.

3. The Fabric Type: Shirts come in three fabric blends. Cotton, polyblends and triblends. Each blend makes for a soft custom shirt, but varies in fit and feel. You can learn about the perfect soft custom shirt by watching the video below.

Your audience deserves a soft custom shirt. Start building one now.