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Why We Chose To Rebrand
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Why We Chose To Rebrand

However, that’s part of what has made Real Thread who Real Thread is today. Where complexity seemed to triumph, our ability to serve and guide our customers through this process reigned superior. We’ve become known for our exceptional customer service experience, and intentionally. After all, two of our core values are “Create Wow” and “Love Your Neighbor”, both of which come to life and show their colors (hint) in our customer’s experience with Real Thread.

But again, why the rebrand? What was the Real Thread brand missing? A lot of people asked me the same question when I said we were rebranding. The old brand was great for the nearly four years we had it. There was a lot of affinity to the R mark we developed. The negative space T was loved (once discovered). So what was missing?

As I mentioned above, we’ve become known for our exceptional level of service. I humbly say, our customers love us once they start working with our amazing team. Our customers trust us with their amazing artwork. They trust us to in helping them bring their vision to life. They trust us in helping them create a shirt their audience is going to love to wear and talk about! That’s what makes Real Thread who Real Thread is. Do we mess up, of course, but we’ll always right our wrongs.

As I thought about what was missing, it became blatantly obvious to me that while we were providing this exceptional experience to our customers once they personally engaged us, we were missing the mark in conveying this level of love, care, passion, service and trust at the pre-personal engagement level of the relationship. Our brand on it’s own didn’t feel as warm and caring as our team. But you’d only discover that warm and caring team once you started working with us, once you actually engaged with us on a personal level.

And so that was the mission, to bring the warm, caring, trustworthy feeling our customers experienced post-engagement to the pre-engagement (dating) phase of the relationship. We wanted our web visitors, our social media following, our conference attendees to feel that warm and caring aspect of Real Thread before they even talked to a member of our team. We wanted the core values mentioned above, Create Wow and Love Your Neighbor to be felt visually and emotionally, not just vocally or physically.

After all, we’re creating t-shirts. A staple of the American wardrobe (and many other parts of the world), t-shirts are fun and playful. Think of the use case of t-shirts. They’re the uniform of choice at any company known for it’s fun and playful culture (this opposed to a shirt and tie or blouse 40 years ago). They’re used to identify volunteers who generously teach our kids at church every Sunday. They bring teams together as they do battle against each other in sport. And they excite customers and turn them into evangelist when given away as a promo item or thank you! T-shirts are fun, plain and simple. We wanted our brand to represent that in a trustful way.

So at the beginning of this year, we set off on a journey to find the new Real Thread brand. After talking with a number of super talented designers to help us with this task, we ended up partnering with Mackey Saturday. An extremely talented visionary, it was clear Mackey was our guy. We initially thought we’d simply “update” the brand, possibly with an updated R mark and typeface. However, we ultimately ended up scrapping the old brand altogether and built the new brand from the ground up.

For the mark, Mackey saw the core of what we do, a drop of ink and a squeegee. From there, he created a simple yet iconic mark which has the authority to stand on it’s own and is super versatile in it’s application.

The chosen typeface is LL Circular. It’s clean, simple, approachable and beautiful.

The color pallet. We had a lot of fun here. Whereas the old brand was very black-tie feeling and stuck to a core white, black and blue, the new brand brings a whole warmth of color to it. We now have four core colors outside of black and white with a purple, teal, red and yellow. We love them and are really excited about the fun we can have with such a colorful pallet. After all, the colors we print are bountiful and literally unlimited!

With the new brand, we doubled down on the level of service, care and compassion we’re committed to providing. 

And that’s just the beginning. We have a lot more we’re working on and will be releasing in the coming months! But we’re extremely excited to officially release the new brand to you!

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Dru Dalton - CEO @realthread