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A man wears a shirt with the words "Bold and brave" printed on the front.

Custom Printed T-Shirts

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Showing off your brand has never been so easy (or so comfortable). Choose from Real Thread's wide selection of custom t-shirts that are ready & waiting to bring your designs to life.
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Popular custom t-shirts

Not sure where to start? Below you'll find some of our most popular styles—tried and true garments that you really can't go wrong with when designing the custom t-shirt of your dreams.

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Don't settle for custom printed t-shirts no one will wear.

Your brand is too valuable to print on scratchy, ill-fitting shirts that no one will wear—with plastic-based inks that are bad for the planet. Real Thread's library of soft shirts and unique print options—combined with our simple order process and top-notch customer service—make it easier than ever to order custom shirts you'll love and wear proudly.

A girl wears a white Real Thread custom printed t-shirt.

Custom t-shirts for business, retail, events, and beyond

With custom screen printing and custom embroidery options available, telling your story has never looked so good—or had this much potential. Whether showing off your company, bringing your team together, or creating a whole new brand—in a Real Thread custom printed t-shirt, you're bound to catch eyes no matter what.
Girl wearing a blue v-neck custom shirt stands under a flowering tree.
The back of a custom printed shirt with a beautiful colored seaside building.
A man crouches while wearing a tan custom embroidered shirt.
A curly-haired girl wears a dark gray custom printed t-shirt.
A t-shirt pro holds tons of super soft shirts to customize.

T-shirt customization for days

With tons of garment color options, the entire color spectrum at your disposal as far as inks go, and a ton of other fun potential add-ons, the t-shirt customization options are seemingly endless—which means that when it comes to bringing your design to life, the sky is limit. Feeling paralyzed by choice? We've got you covered there, too.

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More than just a shirt

We're kind of obsessed with custom t-shirts (if you hadn't figured that out yet)...

Why? Because custom printed shirts tell a story (whether it's simply your business' logo or a 10-color design that you've perfected over the course of months) and we love getting to be part of sharing your story with the world. We also nerd out over the fact that something as simple as a t-shirt can communicate really cool, really big things...

A megaphone for your mission

Share your passion with the world with custom t-shirts for churches, non-profits, businesses, and more. The work you're doing it so important. The shirt you're wearing is naturally going to catch some eyes—so designing it with your mission in mind is always a good idea. Think of it as a wearable elevator pitch.

A custom shirt that reads "in this together"
A couple celebrates their team by wearing matching shirts.
A symbol of togetherness

Nothing says "unity" like wearing the same thing. It's why schools have colors and teams have uniforms! Custom printed shirts for teams and for team-building are a guaranteed way to make your people feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves.

A form of self-expression

Expressing yourself has never been so easy. Custom printed t-shirts are a way of telling the world what you love, what you celebrate, what you stand for, and what makes you you. If you want to go above and beyond and elevate your expression game by dying your hair a fun color, too, that's just the icing on the cake (but shirts are less permanent 😜). 

A pink haired girl wears a custom printed shirt.

Why water-based ink?

At Real Thread, we're known for water based screen printing—pioneering the print style over a decade ago to deliver super soft custom t-shirts that people will love to wear again and again.

01 No-feel print

Water based ink literally dyes the fabric itself, rather than sitting on top of it—leaving an incredibly soft print that you won’t even be able to feel.

02No cracking or peeling

Since the ink becomes part of the fabric itself, you don’t have to worry about your design cracking or peeling after a few washes—water based ink is in it for the long haul.

03More eco-friendly

Industry standard plastisol inks are made of plastics that are damaging to the environment. Our water based inks are made out of—well, water—making them easier to clean up, safer for our team, and better for the planet. Even better? We have a ton of eco-friendly t-shirts for you to customize.

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Custom t-shirt FAQs

How much do custom t-shirts cost?

This depends on a few factors—from the design you choose to the garment you decide to print it on. Contacting one of our product specialists is your best bet for getting a more detailed and accurate quote for your project—they can work to find the best design to fit your needs and budget while meeting any design goals.

Why does adding more color make my design more expensive?

We’re glad you asked! Because of how the custom screen printing process works, each ink color needs to be applied to your garment by a separate screen...so each additional color adds another screen and step to the process. Additionally, to create high-quality custom t shirts (with no bleed between colors, etc.) the right amount of time between steps needs to be present. All of this combined means that with each additional color you add to your design, we add quite a bit more press time and labor.

I can't find the product that I'm looking for in your product catalogue—does that mean you can't print on it?

No! We try to keep our catalogue as manageable (and un-underwhelming for you!) as possible, which means that we only add our most popular products to it. If there's a specific garment that you have in mind for your project, it's pretty much a sure thing that we can source it (or at least something very similar!), so just reach out to our team and we'll get you moving in the right direction.

I want custom shirts for an event, how do I order a large quantity?

For orders of over 5,000 units, we recommend filling out our High Quantity Inquiry Form, which will get you in touch with one of our awesome Product Specialists who'll be able to set you up for success. Anything less than that you should have no problem setting up within our Product Builder!

How can I make my custom shirt purchase more sustainable?

We love this question because we're passionate about sustainability—specifically when it comes to making the custom apparel industry less harmful to our planet. We offer a variety of eco friendly custom t-shirt options, made of sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. Our water based inks already have you headed in the right direction, as they're much better for the environment than traditional plastic-based inks—result in longer lasting prints, extending the life of your custom t-shirt and reducing the likelihood that it will end up in a landfill.

I am designing my custom shirt for retail. How can I customize it for my clothing line?

You came to the right place! We offer a plethora of custom apparel retail add-ons to help you get your custom t-shirt retail ready. Need some custom hang tags to help sell your product or rep your brand? We also offer custom tag printing services—as well as custom hem tags. All of these add-ons will go a long way in upping the overall look of your final product, making it all the more retail-ready. Additionally, we offer fulfillment services that can be a great option for apparel retailers—saving you precious space and time, and making your shipping process more efficient. Interested in learning more? Get more information on our fulfillment services here.

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