Exploring Custom Kids' T-Shirt Designs
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Exploring Custom Kids' T-Shirt Designs

Explore various trending custom t-shirt designs for kids and gain some order inspiration.

As the custom apparel horizon evolves, so do the trends that shape our little one's wardrobes. 

The world of custom kids' t-shirt designs is set to take a whimsical turn, bringing forth a delightful array of styles and colors. 

We’ve been in the custom apparel printing business since 2009, printing custom t-shirts for people of all ages and sizes, but we must admit- custom kids’ tees are always fun to see come down the production line.

Whether you own a children’s clothing store, are in charge of ordering matching tees for a sports team or dance studio, or work for an elementary school, let's explore some of the most popular kids’ tee trends and discover practical tips on seamlessly incorporating these styles into your next custom t-shirt order.

Ready for some custom apparel design inspo? 

Animal Print

Roaring into the scene, animal prints from leopard spots to zebra stripes are a must-try trend for fashion-forward kids. 

OR even consider designing a cute cartoon-style animal to dawn the tees; the world is your oyster. 

Technically, you could design a tee with an oyster if you know kids with a knack for seafood…. It seems unlikely, BUT never say never.

Mix animal prints with bold colors for a standout look or classic black and white for a chic ensemble. Did somebody say, wild child? 

Floral Print

The perennial favorite, floral prints, has made a vibrant comeback, offering intricate designs that effortlessly elevate a child’s look. 

Pair floral print tees with jeans or shorts for a trendy and put-together appearance. Aspen + Company does florals well if you want some design inspo!

Tie Dye

Tie-dye continues to captivate fashion lovers, offering bold and subtle options for unique and personalized looks. 

You can choose something like a pastel color dye for the shirts and have something screen printed over it- have fun with it! Kids love color; embrace that.

Embrace the versatility of tie-dye by choosing swirly rainbow effects or calming pastel gradients.

Graphic Tees

The classic graphic tee is staging a strong comeback, providing a perfect canvas for expressing your child's personality. 

Think of including fun characters or taking a spin at creating fun sayings and cool designs.

Let your kids make a statement effortlessly with trendy logos, pop culture references, or playful images.

Neon Colors

Neon colors shine brighter than ever, offering a fantastic way to make a bold fashion statement.

Inject brightness into your child's wardrobe with a pop of neon on collars or sleeves with custom hem tags. Or heck, even the whole dang shirt! The brighter, the better, right? 


T-shirt quotes are integral to fashion, inspiring and spreading positivity.

Here are some quote options for you to choose from if you like:

Add some quotable t-shirts to your child's wardrobe for a unique, eye-catching look.

Add a Bit Of Character… Literally

Graphic tees featuring beloved characters remain popular, allowing kids to express their interests.

Explore various styles, from abstract graphics to detailed illustrations, to add personality to any outfit.

Band Tees

Graphic tees featuring bands are a staple, representing music idols and featuring incredible artwork and slogans. 

While getting the rights to something like The Beatles logo might be tough, you can consider using a local band’s logo- kids can rock out, too! 

Choose from classic rock to modern hip-hop vibes to add a unique flair to your child's wardrobe. 

Solid Colors

Solid-colored t-shirts are timeless classics, offering a versatile backdrop for fun and funky fashion looks. 

Consider the custom embroidery options for which a solid tee would be the perfect canvas. The options are endless!

Use solid colors as a foundation to create sophisticated, bold, or elegant outfits.


Stripes in various colors and sizes remain a perennial favorite for creating unique and eye-catching pieces.

Experiment with classic nautical or bold and graphic stripes for winning t-shirt designs. Add a fun embroidered patch for extra flair if ya fancy.

Abstract Print

Abstract prints have become children's graphic tees, allowing kids to express their style and personality.

Choose from bold and colorful designs to create the best t-shirt looks for kids.

Polka Dots

Polka dots, a timeless fashion icon, add cheerful vibrancy and colorful patterns to kids' t-shirt designs.

Polka dots are perfect for brightening any outfit, whether soft pastels or bold prints.


Checkered patterns have a timeless appeal, offering a classic and loved style for kids' t-shirts.

Embrace checkers as a timeless choice, blending versatility and iconic fashion.

Some Real Thread Custom Kids T-Shirt Picks

Need Custom Threads For Even Younger Kids? We gotchu. 

Bringing Trends to Life

Unleash your creativity with a click, and let your design dreams come to life on stylish custom kids' t-shirts. 

By ordering kids' custom t-shirts from Real Thread, you’ll be happy with the outcome- we guarantee it. 

Our team is here to help you decide which t-shirts are best for you and your custom apparel needs.

Also, check out our FREE Custom T-Shirt Design Kit. Not sure where to start with your custom shirt designs? 

This t-shirt kit includes everything you'll need to get started- get to it!

Till next time, kiddos.

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