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Made for making every hat a party hat

Alert your grandma: custom embroidery isn’t limited to traditional offerings like shirts and sweaters anymore. That’s right—custom embroidered hats are here to take your design potential to its highest level. Sorry, Grams.
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Woman smiles wearing a yellow bucket hat with white embroidery
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Bring your best ideas from inside of your head to on top of it

Whether it’s basic text, your brand’s logo, or a loud and colorful piece of art, hats offer a unique canvas for embroidery that can be both functional and trendy. The front of the cap makes for the most natural design location, but hats also offer a lot of room for thinking outside the box and getting creative with different embroidery locations—from the side of your head to the back and beyond. 

Our role? Offering you a curated selection of design-ready canvases in a variety of colors, so that your only limiting factor is your imagination. Curious about how we bring your designs to life? Learn more about our process on our Custom Embroidery page.

Man wearing a tan baseball cap with white embroidery on it

Made for any head and every occasion

Hats are a versatile, year-round addition to your ensemble—with multiple styles and types for a variety of occasions. The best news? Any hat is game for our embroidery (okay, maybe not the 10-gallon—but you catch our drift.)

Beanies keep your ears warm in the winter. Dad hats, trucker hats and baseball caps are begging to be taken out to the ballgame and wined and dined with peanuts and Cracker Jack. Bucket hats are the 90s staple that are currently back in style—or maybe never left. Or maybe have never and will never be in? To be honest, we’re not totally sure on this one, but we love it regardless.

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Light pink embroidered hat with a hot pink flowerGirl with pink hair and pink hat on a blue background
Woman wears a black beanie with an embroidered smiley face
A blue baseball cap hangs on a hook on a wall
Man wears a grey trucker hat with a patch sewn on it
Custom beanies, dad hats, baseball caps, snapbacks, bucket hats, and beyond.
A dark blue trucker hat with a heat pressed patch on the front of it
A black visor hat with white embroidery sits on the edge of a pool
Man wears black snapback hat with white puff embroidery on it

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Team member recommendation

Our Marketing Manager, Lex, wore one of our “Keep it Real” dad hats on a recent trip to Yosemite National Park. Hear from her here (that's a tongue-twister 🤪 ) on why she thinks the dad hat reigns supreme among all other headgear. 

Girl wearing custom hat in Yosemite National Park
I’m a major fan of our custom dad hats for multiple reasons:
1) Bad hair day coverage
I recently cut my own bangs and have a list of regrets longer than a CVS receipt. The dad hat offers easy coverage of my uneven, half-grown-out mistake.
2) Easy customization
A classic look, the dad hat's simplicity means that it has a ton of customization potential—whether with a short & cheeky embroidered phrase or a more involved design or patch...or both 🤠
3) Versatility
I’m not about headwear (or really any kind of wear) that is purely situational. My top favorite thing about the dad hat is its versatility—functionally-acceptable for hikes to the top of a mountain and socially-acceptable for hanging out at a bar when you make it back down.
An embroidery machine embroiders a grey hoodie

Custom hats not your thing?

No worries—we've got tons of other garment options ready and waiting for your designs.

Head over to our Custom Embroidery page for inspiration or to get started.

Custom hat FAQs

Where can I order the best custom embroidered hats?

Well, we may be biased, but we think you came to the right place. Have more specific questions about how to get started? Contact us.

How do you make a custom embroidery design?

We take your beautiful work of art, digitize it, and enter it into our software. From there we optimize the stitching choosing one of two types: Satin stitching (which stitches back and forth only and is used for smaller areas) or fill stitching (in which the stitching direction can be adjusted to compensate for fabric structure and pulling).

What file types can I send my design to you in?

Basic visual files like PDF, EPS and JPEG work. If you can send in a vector art file, though, it’s  preferred as we can easily manipulate it if adjustments based on threading need to be made.

How many colors can my embroidered design have?

In practice an embroidered design can have up to 15 colors, but a practical application would be 7 to 8. Even then that’s still a little high—embroidery works best when it's simple and not muddled up by an overly busy design.

Why do custom embroidered hats take longer than other pieces?

While hats may seem easier from the outside because of their smaller size, there are actually some challenges that come from bulk embroidering them.

Due to the nature of machine embroidery, the garment used needs to be flattened to ensure stability and consistent outputs. While certain hat types (like beanies) can easily lay flat, generally any kind of cap cannot be flattened without sustaining some structural damage—which means that the process must be slowed down to avoid any mistakes.

The extra time needed is worth it though, we promise! We want to get the highest quality apparel and embroidery out to you—and tiny adjustments to the process ensures that.

How big can my design be?

Embroidery designs are typically smaller, but if you want to go big try to keep it in the range of 10 x 10, 11, or 12 inches.

How much are custom embroidered hats? Are hats more expensive than other embroidery orders because of the time spent?

No! Embroidery pricing is based solely on the stitch count and the garment itself. The bigger the design is, the more stitches used. The more stitches used, the higher the price.

Can you really embroider on any hat?

For the most part yes! The only exception that comes to mind are hats with hard brims that encompass the whole hat—like a cowboy hat—because they would be too cumbersome to stabilize on the machine, especially since they can’t be flattened like standard hats.

Does the embroidery affect the feel of the hat?

Smaller designs and lettering should not affect the feel of the hat since the backing prevents direct content to the thread while creating stability. Larger designs though have the chance of feeling cumbersome. This is especially so on dad hats or baseball hats since designs are directly on the forehead. Keep this in mind when creating your custom embroidery design!

Why custom embroidery on hats?

As we mentioned earlier, hats are a year-round piece to many ensembles. That level of versatility is perfect for showcasing a custom design at its highest level of exposure.

Whether it’s a new set of hats for a little league team, a set of visors for a park’s lifeguards, or an order of beanies for a gaming event, our custom embroidery will bring your design to life.