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Post the Work You Want
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Post the Work You Want

Wondering why you can’t land your dream gig?

It might have to do with the work you’re posting. Clark Orr elaborates.


“People want to post variation (and that works in some regards).

If a designer can do web layout, UX design and UI design, but they can also do some illustration. They have all these different traits that are all very good and markable traits to have in a designer, but at a certain point you’re like, “What does this person focus on?”

That’s been a big part of my (for a lack of a better word) success over the years: being really good at just a few things and working hard at just a few things.

Whereas, I’m not fully satisfied with all the types of clients that are coming in. I am satisfied at my work and what I have to offer them.“

- Clark Orr


This is one of many conversations from Clark’s upcoming podcast. Be on the lookout for it next week.